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Khao Lak

General Information


Khao Lak lies in the Takuapa district of Phang-nga Province, a seaside province with an extraordinary view, both on shore and underwater. Khao Lak is located about 50 kilometres north of Phuket Island on the mainland. It is an area, where the lowlands, that extend behind the coast, disappear and the rain forest covered mountains are reaching the sea shore. This area was declared a national park some years ago. After passing this rocky headland, the beaches of Khaolak start, that stretch for about 20 kms northward to the old tin mining town of Takuapa. A land of tin mines and fantastic beaches, the marjority of the region is mountainous with very limted basin area, 57% of which is mangrove and evergree forest.
Khao Lak itself is a national park area, resplendent with rich natural attractions and a convenient departure point to a number of Phang-nga's many points of interest including the famous Similan Islands and Surin Islands. If you a newcomer for this area, you will be offered beaches, jungle covered moutains, forested valleys, mangroves and estuaries. Khao Lak grew with divers discovering it as a jumpstart to one of the world's most popular dive spots, namely Similand Islands. You must not miss if you trave during Nov to Apr. Weather is good, tide is clam, water looks crystalized.


The Khao Lak - Lam Ru national park is located in the western coast of Andaman sea, let it get an influence of southwestern monsoon wind and northeastern monsoon wind which induce to have raining for almost all year round. It's two seasons, hot season starting from January till April and raining season starting from May till December which would have a lot of rainfall. Weather is warm all the year round. Good time to visit is during Nov to Apr.  Average temperature is around 75F - 89F (24C - 32C).  June-Aug is less hot, and though the weather is generally fine, there can be brief but heavy showers, with plenty of shunshine between downpours. Temperatures range between 70F-90F (20C- 33C).  Khao Lak is enjoyable at any time of year however its best to avoid rain as most activities and excursions, both water-and land-based are better enjoyed without it.

Things to do:

In the old days, most tourists visited Khao Lak as a jumpstart to the popular diving spots of Similand and Surin Islands. Today, it 'sn't this reason anymore. Khao Lak itself has gained quite a reputation as a very pristine and picturesque place.  


Similan is rated one of the world's top ten diving destinations! At least one trip, for visitors who come to Khao Lak must go to the nine islands about 80 kms off the coast of Khao Lak. In fact, most people continue to return to visit this fabulous destination for years! Even you are not a diver, the islands are worth for a visit. Their beauty above water is as magnificent.   

In recent years, the number of resorts along the coast increases up to 50, offering a choice for everybody's taste from simple bungalows and a wide choice of middle-class bungalows and hotels to some properties in the 5-star category. Local laws do not permit buildings, that are higher than the coconut palms, a law protecting Khao Lak from th e negative impacts of tourism so far.